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  • Woman Abuse 女性虐待 ------求助中心 Woman Abuse 女性虐待 ------求助中心
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    Many women are abused by the man they love. In Canada, about 1 in 8 woman is abused by her husband, boyfriend or partner. Wife abuse is a problem in Canada and countries around the world. Abused women and their husband come from every background. They may be rich, middle class or poor. They may have a lot of education or very little. They are of every culture and religion.

    许多的女人被爱她们的男人虐待。在加拿大,大约有1/8的女人被她们的丈夫,男友,同居伴侣所虐待。全世界包括加拿大, 妻子虐待都是一个问题。 被虐待的女性和她们的丈夫,来自各种背景。他们可能是富裕的,中产阶级,或贫穷的。他们可能受过很多教育,或者只有一点点。他们来自各种文化与信仰。

    Many people think wife abuse is a private family problem. It is not. Every woman has the right to be safe. There are laws to protect her. A man does not have the right to hit his wife, girlfriend or partner. This is assault. Assault is a crime. The police can arrest the man. He could be fined or go to jail. Abused woman can change their situation. There are places and people who can help.



    Abused woman can change their situation. There are placesand people who can help.

    1. Wife Abuse – Supplement of the Ontario Times

    Jenny Vane, NLOC Consultant

    77 Bloor Street West, 5th floor

    Toronto, ON,M7A 2R9


    2. Arlene Brazean, Community Legal Worker

    416-441-1764 ext. 24

    3. Assaulted Women Helpline ( We offer ourservices in up to 154 languages. )





    1.妻子虐待--- 求助中心

    珍妮 王,顾问

    77 号 Bloor 街西,5楼

    多伦多,安省,邮编 M7A 2R9


    2.艾伦 布朗泽,

    电话:416-441-1764 转24

    3.被人身侵犯的女性求助中心 (我们提供多达154种语言服务)




    What are some different type of abuse?

    1. Physical Abuse

    * hit, beat, push, pull
    * kick, slap, punch, cut
    * choke, break
    * kill

    2. Sexual Abuse

    * force her to have sex when she doesn't want to = rape
    * force her to do things she doesn't like.

    3. Financial Abuse

    * take her pay
    * give her little money
    * not let her work

    4. Emotional Abuse

    * hurt someone's feelings
    * make someone's feel afraid, depressed, frustrated, worthless
    * threaten
    * control
    * destroy
    * make her think she's crazy
    * name calling
    * get angry if she see friends or family
    * check her email or phone


    1. 身体的虐待

    * 碰撞,敲打,推,拉
    * 踢,掌掴,拳击,咬
    * 掐喉,打破头
    * 杀害

    2. 性的虐待

    * 强迫她发生性关系,当她不愿意的时候。( = 强暴 )
    * 强迫她做她不喜欢的事情。

    3. 经济的虐待

    * 拿走她的薪资
    * 给她很少的钱
    * 不让她去工作

    4. 感情的虐待

    * 伤害她的感觉
    * 让她感觉害怕。 使她忧郁,沮丧。 让她觉得自己是无用的。
    * 恐吓威胁
    * 控制
    * 意志摧毁
    * 令她认为,她自己是疯了。
    * 骂她
    * 当他知道她去见她的朋友和亲人,他就发怒。
    * 查她的私人物件,例如,邮件,手机。更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net